How To Set Up Google My Business + Local SEO Tips To Rank Higher


  1. Geir Johannessen

    I cant seem to find a place to write a introduction to My business? Has that been removed?

  2. Geir Johannessen

    One more question. I have a company here: Even though I search from another google account there is no visable place where I can write a review? Any idea why?

  3. Michele Hamblin

    The volume is very low on your video.

  4. TotalTablets

    Hi Daisy,

    Can you advise me, please

    My question;

    If Guy A sets up a normal Gmail account verify’s his Google MY Business page uses his Gmail (email) account for only personal use. BUT now the guy wants to employ his staff to manage some Google apps within the account BUT hide his personal email.

    Is this possible??

    Thanks for taken the time to read this question and I thank you in advance for your answer.

    Simon King

  5. American Steam, LLC

    Ive searched the web for DAYS to learn these tips while setting up my own My Google Business page and now you have it all in 1 easy video!!! Pay attention business owners, this is VERY helpful information. Thank you Daisy for all of your hard work!

  6. Sam B

    when i have typed on my business name its not showing the name with location..

  7. The Twisted Visionary

    My computer won’t allow me to name all of my photos with the same key words, would It be easier to replace the name and upload the new photo?

  8. Robert Ryan Maigue

    Thank you for the tips! It was very useful to me as a beginner to Google Business. Keep it up!

  9. Kelvin Chege Wambui

    Would you advise Google my business account for a blog?
    If yes, what are the steps since a blog is not entirely a one-centre located business, thank you for the tips btw 馃檪

  10. Arturo Garza

    Hey are you an internet marketer? Let’s connect on Google +.

  11. Amjad Yousafzai

    Great tutorial! You have such a sweet accent & voice.

  12. Jimena Mendoza

    Daisy I’ve listed my several business, asked for the post cards but only recieved one of 3. How can get all 3 business verified?

  13. Tarun Verma

    Really nice info. Thanks for this.

  14. Bush Channel

    Good advice Madam!

  15. Leadzhub

    Thanks. Great lesson

  16. Jett Henefey

    Hey I was having trouble with getting ranked to but this guy I met helped me rank my local business now I’m rapidly expanding if you guys are interested check him out

  17. Ion Thrusterboy

    Well that was helpful 鈿★笍馃挮馃

  18. Myron Dias

    nice video

  19. Bhaswar Bose

    Very good video. The instructions were to the point and easy to understand because of the demo being done at the same time.

  20. Selene Mason

    Thanks for the video, very clear

  21. Leonard Beckett

    Hi my business is in sweden but I’m currently base in London. Can I just place my london address for location to start with so that I can receive the postcard then change it to the swedish address after?

  22. Jo Daniel

    Hi Guys Please visit my channel very useful video

  23. Emilio L贸pez

    Pretty good, straight forward tutorial! It compliments the one I created as I don’t show how this is particularly done: I show how to do the most important directories yourself the right way, see

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    how can i contact google my business by phone I cannot find it when I google my business? thanks

  25. Viswanatha Gurappashetty


  26. John DeStefano

    i am a real estate agent for a real estate franchise. how do you set up an independent business listing on google business. I can’t say I am the agency. so I’m just a bit confused on how to deal with this. Any advice would be appreciated.


  27. Nelson Aguirre

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  28. Kumar Neeraj

    is that clock working?
    nice lesson thanks.

  29. Seth Eheart

    holy fuck.. speak up


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